NLDRFURS Appointments Policy

Internal, within the Society

The Appointments Team make appointments to games available based on current levels and current performance.

Appointments to planned games are made monthly, and usually are made up to two months in advance of the game, so it is important that you advise the relevant Appointments Secretary (Weekends or Midweek) of any unavailability as soon as possible.

When you receive details of your appointments, check them and if you are unable to officiate on any date, you must immediately advise the Appointments Secretary.

The CLUB will confirm to you kick off time, colours etc. If they don't confirm by 8 PM Wednesday Evening before a weekend game or 48 hours before any other game you must advise the relevant Appointments Secretary so that he can re - appoint you to another game or hasten the club if that is necessary.

The Reappointments Secretary might call on you up to 11 am on Saturday, so please help by accepting late fixtures. If you have ANY appointment questions or problems with clubs please contact John Bradwell Tel: (01529) 460040

External, out-of-Society Appointments

The Appointments Subcommittee will make these appointments. The Exchange Secretary will send you details of the match.

We try to send 3 or 4 Referees on an exchange together if possible. These games are important to you as an Assessor from the host Society usually makes a report and you will be officiating matches where the teams are unknown to you.

As with our Society Assessor/Coaches it is hoped that they will talk to you after the game. Exchange fixtures give a Referee a wider experience and are a major part of your development to a higher grade.

The Midland Division Appointment Secretary will appoint Group and Federation Referees who have been accepted onto the Midland List to Midland League Division.

Appointments contacts for the current season

Sundays: Andrew Ashwell: Tel: (01636) 678635 or (07572) 288386

Saturdays: Steve Whiteside: Tel: (07974) 257903

Midweeks: Trevor Sharpe: Tel: (07974) 761286

Exchanges: Mike Coakley: Tel: (0115) 8781901